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Company: VarageSale
Founders: Carl Mercier & Tami Zuckerman
Headquarters: Toronto

VarageSale is an online social marketplace where people buy, sell and connect with their local community. What makes VarageSale unique is the sense of trusting (your/a) community and fellow neighbours. In fact, that was a main catalyst for making VarageSale in the first place, and is a continued vision at the company to build a product experience around trust. VarageSale was elected 2014 Startup of the Year by Techvibes

Company: Frank & Oak
Founders: Hicham Ratnani & Ethan Song
Headquarters: Montreal

Frank & Oak is the simplest way to shop the latest trends in menswear, with quality designs, personalized services, and a hassle-free online experience. Selling across North America through, the vertically integrated brand designs, manufactures, and sells a curated collection of premium clothing and accessories each month.


Company: dotClub
Founders: Colin Campbell & Dirk Bhagat
Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale

.CLUB is the ultimate social domain name, making it easy for anyone and everyone to bring people together around common interests and passions - and own the perfect domain for their community.

Company: Sonder (Flatbook)
Founders: Francis DavidsonLucas PellanOlivier Gareau
Headquarters: San Fransisco

Sonder is the perfect balance between authenticity and amenities. Sonder offers rental homes in intimate neighbourhoods, a consistent standard of quality inside — comfortable beds, five-star cleanliness, and concierge service. Thanks to Sonder, you can easily plan your trips online, knowing you will have a top quality and worry-free experience.


Company: Mirego
Founders: Albert Dang-Vu, Martin Gagnon & Simon Audet
Headquarters: Quebec

Mirego designs and develops innovative mobile strategies for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices. They work with their customers throughout the creation and marketing processes to design personalized, interactive solutions. Their multi-disciplinary team has created more than 100 applications and combines innovation, professionalism, and efficiency to deliver world-class products and solutions.


Company: Smart Reno
Founders: Andrei Uglar
Headquarters: Montreal

Smart Reno is the leading resource to help people find and compare qualified and available contractors to complete their renovation project. Users simply describe their project, and then get matched to several of the best service providers in their region. They can compare quotes, save time and money, and make the right decision. For service providers, they get qualified potential clients based on their expertise and criteria, saving them on marketing efforts and spent.

Company: 1642 Sodas
Founders: Bastien Poulain
Headquarters: Montreal

1642 Sodas produces traditional soda recipes with Quebec ingredients. Made with maple syrup from the Laurentian Mountains, these sodas are refreshing and sparkling. 1642 Sodas are now selling in 950 different retail outlets.


Company: Tribu Expérientiel
Founders: Micah Desforges
Headquarters: Montreal

Tribu Expérientiel sells adrénaline and entertainment! It is an agency specializing in design and production of brand experiencing among the 13 to 34 year olds. JACKALOPE and BARBEGAZI are two great examples of their great success! They have a qualified team, rich network of partners and the commitment of many sponsors!

Company: Retinad
Founders: Kevin OuelletSamuel Poirier, Anthony Guay
Headquarters: Montreal

Retinad is the first and most complete analytics platform for virtual reality. Analytics are crucial to helping transform VR from a nascent niche into a full-fledged, transformative medium. Plus, the service is free! 

Company: Dabble
Founders: Ken Lawson and Drew Markman
Headquarters: Westlake Village, CA

Dabble is a dating app, but not any dating app: it rewards you for your good social behaviour! No need to wait for a match to be made — you can send dabbles, gifts and messages to any one out there. They said it themselves: "With good Karma comes great rewards!".

Émile Gariepy

Company: Les fermes Émile Gariépy
Founders: Émile Gariepy
Headquarters: Saint-Roch-de-l' Achigan

Émile Gariépy is a young, talented and devoted entrepreneur that produces and sells pumpkins. His young age does not prevent him from being a great entrepreneur. In fact, he recently signed a contract with 5 Metro supermarkets! 

Company: Rapid worms/ Fond-Vers
Founders: Sylvain Fontaine
Headquarters: La Baie

Rapid worms is a bait container conceived to counter the conventional bait containers' inconveniences. Designed with a double opening, a worm cutter and a durable material, this bait container is a true innovation for every fisherman!

Company: PayNearMe
Founders: Danny Shader
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

PayNearMe allows you to pay cash when making online purchases, paying bills and more. It's easy and very convenient: scan your barcode in one of 28,000 locations near you. The cashier will take your cash payment and a proof of purchase will be given to you. It's as simple as that!

Company: Minitrade
Founders: Isabelle Doucet
Headquarters: Montreal

The #1 Canadian website to buy and sell top quality branded women, kids and maternity clothing at low prices. Founded in 2012, is a Canadian online boutique and trading service to shop for your clothes. Their boutique offers busy consumers the opportunity to purge their cluttered closets and purchase top quality clothing brands at up to 90% off the retail price, from the comfort of their home.



Company: Real Ventures (Ex Montreal Start Up)
Founders: Alan MacIntoshJean-Sebastien Cournoyer & John Stokes
Headquarters: Montreal

Real Ventures is Canada’s largest and most active seed venture fund, looking for inspiring entrepreneurs who exhibit unique insight and appreciation of their target market and industry.

Company: Akkadian Ventures
Founders: Benjamin Black & Peter Smith
Headquarters: San Francisco

Akkadian Ventures is a direct secondary investment firm focused on providing liquidity to early employees and investors of venture-backed businesses. Akkadian offers tailored and unique solutions for companies and employees, with key benefits that include speed, tax efficiency and rigorous respect for confidentiality. Akkadian has also developed a proprietary, data-driven methodology to identify which private technology companies are entering hyper-growth and uses this data to “pre-approve” companies for its liquidity programs, dramatically accelerating the time to transaction for entrepreneurs.



Company: PasswordBox (Sold to Intel Securities)
Founders: Daniel Robichaud & Marc-Antoine Ross
Headquarters: Montreal

Award-winning PasswordBox is the only digital life manager that logs you in instantly to your favorite websites and apps without having to type in, or even memorize, your passwords. You can also collaborate, for personal and business purposes, with secure password sharing. Create encrypted notes while keeping track of credit cards, passports and other sensitive personal data in your digital wallet, and care for your digital legacy even after you’re gone by passing it on to someone you trust with Legacy Locker.


Company: Playerize (Sold to
Founders: Lyal Avery & Jeff Magnusson
Headquarters: Vancouver

Playerize has built a unique marketplace to serve the player acquisition needs of Facebook games. Their suite of tools allows social game developers to easily create and manage acquisition campaigns, with budgets, targeting, and analytics. They are aggregating traffic from across the Internet and have the ability to direct that traffic through their management and reporting system, to grow social games in a cost-effective manner.

Anomalous_ Networks_Logo.png

Company: Anomalous Networks (Sold to Tangoe - NASDAQ: TNGO)
Founders: Jaan Leemet
Headquarters: Montreal

Anomalous Networks is the pioneer and leading provider of Real-Time Telecom Expense Management™ software solutions that allow small to large businesses to better manage the cost and security risks of deploying carrier-based mobile technologies and eliminate “Bill Shock”. If it is on the bill, it is too late!

Company: Planbox (Sold)
Founders: Olivier Cabanes & Magali Janvier
Headquarters: Montreal

Planbox is a web-based agile project management application. It is used by small teams in companies of all sizes to plan, collaborate and deliver more efficiently. The application bridges the gap between all teams - marketing or IT, agile pros or newbies.The company currently counts thousands of customers, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, across all continents.


Company: Acadam
Founders: Benoit Archambault
Headquarters: Montreal

Acadam is a website that puts students and tutors in touch. With Acadam, students can create tutor requests explaining the areas they need help in, getting immediate replies from tutors in their e-mail. Parents and students alike are also encouraged to browse the Tutor Directory to find the tutor that they feel best suits their needs. Acadam strives to be the preferred meeting place for students and tutors, thus allowing the creation of an academic support network that addresses the needs and passions of all of our users.

Company: Bolidea (Old company)
Founders: Martin-Luc Archambault, Olivier Cabanes & Magali Janvier
Headquarters: Montreal

Bolidea is a startup accelerator that develops technology companies that strive to provide solutions to real market problems. Bolidea aspires to test new technologies and crazy concepts in order to bring innovative startups to life.